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**”What Would Johnny Do?” Comic UPDATE**

Part 2 of our new comic series “What Would Johnny Do?” (written by Meaghan Paez) was set to release on 3-25-12. The story is written and it is presently in production with Steven Barboza (artist extraordinaire). We can’t wait for the next comic (and the accompanying soundtrack) to be released!

In other news…

On the day that our very first comic ever was released, it was spotlighted on as “Best Video of the Day”! Cool, right? From what we can tell, the website generally covers the latest videos about pop comics. We don’t know how they found us but we definitely plan on supplying them with new material 🙂

Even though being on this website may be a small step, it is a step in sharing our faith with pop culture in a creative way! We hope that we can continually reach people with the gospel through media and the arts. That’s all for now.

Stay in the Truth. Stay Creative.

The Forerunner Team

ps – Here’s the first video if you missed it:

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Mar 26
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