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Jarrell – #SocialSuicide ft Ps 150

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What is #SocialSuicide??


What is all this stuff about #SocialSuicide and “I Don’t Really Care”?? Thanks for asking 🙂

Social suicide is sort of a slang term which means you’re doing something that alienates you from your social circle. Need an example? Ok. Being a stuck up snob. That’s committing social suicide…because people won’t want to hang around you for very long. Or talking really loud in the movies. Or blowing it up in a public restroom and regrouping with your friends only to find out that you have tissue paper and an awful smell lingering around. Or saying you’re gonna treat someone out for dinner and then pretending to go to the bathroom and walking out and leaving them with the bill. (I’m noticing that a lot of social suicide moments have to do with bathrooms.) All of these things are social suicide because they can potentially cause people to not want to hang around you anymore.


Sadly, sometimes being a fanatic for Christ can have the same affect on our social life. We get what Jesus did. But sometimes our family, friends and coworkers just don’t get it. Sometimes we pay the price for following Jesus by being alienated from some of our closest family and friends. Sometimes it’s social suicide. It’s our cross to bear. But guess what? When God gives you a passion for himself, you DON’T REALLY CARE what you may go through. As long as you have Christ, you’re good. Does it hurt? Yeah. But not bad enough for you to turn back to the old way you were living. You can’t. You’re brand new.

This is the theme of our youth ministry. We want to raise up young people who love God despite what their friends and even family may be doing. We support #SocialSuicide! So since that was our new direction, I (Jarrell) got together with the awesome band members of PS 150 and together we did a song called #SocialSuicide. You can hear it and download it here:


When you buy a #SocialSuicide t-shirt, the money goes to our youth ministry (Forerunner Youth). You know that we’re all about reaching out to our neighborhood! Well, we’re saving up and gearing up for what we believe will be one of the most effective outreaches to our community that we’ve ever done! More info on that later but I will say that it has to do with young people and the arts. We ain’t goin’ nowhere! Our neighborhood and the surrounding schools will be reached with the gospel. And your t-shirt purchase helps us to do just that! I’ll do a follow up post to this pretty soon. I just wanted to let you know what #SocialSuicide was, and I wanted to let you know that your t-shirt purchase is making a difference.


Thanks for reading!


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