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Tuesday Night Prayer!

Hey Forerunners,

This is Jarrell. Some of you may have already received a personal invitation from me to come out and pray on Tuesday Nights! Last Tuesday was awesome! We prayed that God would release kingdom art and entertainment into the earth. We prayed that we would not be a copy of what the world is doing. Instead we would be the new standard! ART is one of the things that we want to major in as a youth ministry. We’ve recognized that God has placed a lot of gifts into each one of you. Those gifts are to glorify Him and to be a light to a world who loves darkness. Last Tuesday, we prayed that God would raise people up from our own church to go into the arts and entertainment world with the creativity of God. It was exciting!

We are planning to meet for 2 more Tuesdays. Those Tuesdays are July 10th and July 17th. If you have not been able to make it to a Tuesday night prayer session, I want to encourage you to come! Some may respond, some may not. But if you know that this is for you, please get to Faith Outreach Center Intl next Tuesday at 6:30pm! Let’s put ourselves in a position for God to speak to us so that we can hear His voice, obey and change the world!

Hope to see you this Tuesday!


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Jul 5
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