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Jarrell – #SocialSuicide ft Ps 150
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Jarrell – #SocialSuicide ft Ps 150

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#SocialSuicide Video – part 1

Hey Forerunner…Jarrell here. Here’s a video of me rapping a verse from my up coming mixtape called “Johnny’s iPod”. The whole youth and children’s ministry will get one for free 🙂 I was going to do a whole message series on why we changed our name to Forerunner but I decided to put it in CD form instead. Here’s one of the verses:

Yeah, it’s pretty rough I know LOL! This is a pretty straight forward CD though. So check this out…we will be releasing “Johnny’s iPod” t-shirts with the CD. When you buy a t-shirt it’s gonna help me with my Africa trip! We’ll be making announcements in church when they come out. I might even do the announcement in the shirt!

Look out for more #SocialSuicide videos coming soon.



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Oct 21
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