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Social Suicide Tee Update!

Hey everyone! Here’s a little update on the shirts…

First, we want to thank you so much for preordering the Social Suicide t-shirt! We received a total of 39 preorders on the Sunday that we announced we were selling the shirt. That’s pretty amazing!  We can’t wait until our Forerunner Family Day when everyone will have a chance to wear the t-shirt, represent Christ and have some fun out at Woodlawn Park!

Due to some events that were out of our control, we will have to deliver the shirts to everyone that pre-ordered on Sunday morning, August 19th. We’ll be getting them in earlier that week. When we get them in our hands, we’ll post a picture of them on our Facebook page! So be on the lookout for it! Also, as promised, everyone who preordered a t-shirt will get a copy of the Johnny’s iPod CD! This CD has a few more songs than the one that the FOCI Bookstore is giving away.

We’re excited about seeing everyone Sunday, August 19th! And thank you for blowing us away with the preorders 🙂

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Aug 7
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