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Jarrell – #SocialSuicide ft Ps 150
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Jarrell – #SocialSuicide ft Ps 150

Uploaded on Oct 3

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Hey Everyone! I wanted to share this new music video with you. We did a prayer walk in SA about a month ago. A friend of mine and I made a song and a music video for it! Here it is…


I also wanted to give you a link to download a FREE CD! The video above is a apart of a movement called God Belongs In My City. A guy named Andy Mineo actually did the first music video for the God Belongs In My City prayer walk which started in New York. (Here’s the original video.)


Well, Andy just came out with a FREE CD DOWNLOAD called “FORMERLY KNOWN” which has over 10 tracks of greatness on it:) Here’s the link:¬†And here’s a promo video….

Hope you enjoy it!


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Oct 3
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