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Justice Lesson from Moses

You probably know the story. Moses is raised up in the house of Pharaoh. He goes out and spots an Egyptian slave driver beating an Israelite. Moses is furious because although he was raised up in pharaoh’s house, he couldn’t just stand by and watch one of his Israelite brothers getting that kind of treatment. Moses takes matters into his own hands. He kills the Egyptian slave driver. Then he runs into the wilderness to try to save himself. Later, God calls Moses to go back to Egypt. This time it’s different. Moses is now going to free his people with the calling and the power of God. And millions are freed.

Moral of the story;

We see a lot of crazy things happening in our world. Our own family and friends are going through insane stuff. In our hearts, we know things aren’t right. We feel like certain people or situations are responsible for all of the pain that we see. We want to fight against those things in our own strength. In the end, we only find out that we didn’t rely on God and we only made matters worse.

If we want to see justice in this world, the first thing that we should do is pray! Know that God cares about the situation more than you do. He already has a plan for justice in that situation. All we need to do is to be ready to be used by Him instead of taking matters into our own hands. When God uses you to bring justice to a situation, he also gives you the power to make a real difference. Think about that today 🙂





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