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Jarrell – #SocialSuicide ft Ps 150

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** “Johnny’s iPod” Free Download – Update” **

**UPDATE – The Johnny’s iPod mixtape will be dropping at 12am**

We ran into a few kinks but the CD will be available at midnight! Please enjoy the early free download of one of the songs from the iPod. We’re “thankful” for your patience – The Forerunner Team

About “Johnny’s iPod”:

If John the Baptist were alive today, what would be in his iPod?? The purpose behind “Johnny’s iPod” is to help here to help define the new Forerunner direction that we’re going in as a community! Watch this video of Jarrell explaining “Johnny’s iPod”, #SocialSuicide and more.


Check out the free download that was released! Visit Freedom Music Group’s Youtube page to get the download.

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Nov 23
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