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It’s Been A GREAT Summer!

Hey All!

I wanted to say a quick and very sincere “Thank You” to all who helped this summer become one of the best summers that Forerunner has seen! Here’s a quick recap:

  • We did our first ever Create 5K to create opportunities for children both locally and globally! You helped us to money that went toward the purchase of backpacks and school supplies and funding children to attend an arts camp where they gave back to the community. Finally, the money will go towards establishing an orphanage in India later this year!
  • We conducted a 3-day mini arts camp. In that camp, we taught music production and hip hop dance! We had the pleasure of teaching 7 children this summer. We will also be able to host a winter camp later this year because of your support. We are planning that the attendance of this camp will be around 30 children!
  • We had a backpack giveaway! This backpack giveaway marks our first collaboration with La Risa apartments. We were able to give away 125 backpacks loaded with school supplies in that complex alone. Another 30 backpacks will be given away this Saturday in a nearby complex called Sutton Square. The remaining 6 backs will also be given away this Saturday by our good friends at The Dream Center here in San Antonio.

Some attended the Create 5K and collected donations. Others volunteered their time at the run and/or the backpack giveaway. Some people purchased backpacks and other accessories. Some prayed for the success of the events. If you had any part in making this summer a huge success with us, we sincerely want to say thank you! We looking forward to partnering with you in the future to change our world!!



Backpack giveaway

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Aug 23
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