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Forerunner Goes Orange! What is Orange? (part 2)

There are a few things that we at Forerunner believe about children’s ministry. One of those things is that in order to have effective ministry to young people, two things have to be in place: 1) Ministry at home and 2) Ministry at church. We also believe that there’s gotta be a connection between what goes on at home and what goes on at church in order to create a sense in the young person that Christianity is a lifestyle. It’s not just on Sunday. It’s everyday. Our new curriculum, called “Orange”, helps us do just that!

Ok, we’re gonna have a little quiz! Do you know which two colors combine to make Orange? The answer is…Red + Yellow! You may have thought that was a random question lol! But really it wasn’t. It’s why Orange is orange. The color red symbolizes a phrase that you may have heard before: “HOME is where the HEART is.” Red represents the home. The color yellow symbolizes a phrase that you may have heard Jesus say to His Church before: “You (the CHURCH) are the LIGHT of the world.” Yellow symbolizes the Church. When the RED (home) and the YELLOW (church) come together to intentionally invest into young people, the result is ORANGE! Cool, right?! So how do we get the home and the church on the same page? Thanks for asking! 🙂

Built into the Orange Curriculum are cool little things called Parent Cue Cards. These cards are given to parents when they drop their children off at our children’s ministry building! What’s really cool about these cards is that they have a monthly memory verse, the bible story that was covered that Sunday, and the truth statement that we are trying to communicate to the child during that lesson series. They also come with ideas of how to interact with your children during your meal time, drive time, etc. That’s not all. There are also links to some great parent resources like podcasts, parent forums and more!

This Orange curriculum is a great resource and we’re excited to experience it with you! We want to sit down with you, the parent, and really give you the info you need to get this working in your home, and we would love to answer any questions that you may have about Orange! Come hang out with us this Wednesday! We’ll be having a Parent / Small Group Leader Social at 7:00pm in our Forerunner building and would love to connect with you!

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