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Forerunner Goes Orange! The Check-in System (part 3)

Forerunner Parents!

This is our final news segment about the differences you will notice here at Forerunner! It’s one of our biggest announcements yet!


Starting next Sunday, February 2nd, we will start using our new CHECK-IN SYSTEM!! Yes! We recently purchased a great check-in system for our children’s ministry. This is going to help us in two major ways. The check-in system will:

  1. Help us provide further safety for our children.
  2. Streamline our sign-in process.

Because this is such a huge change, we will need to break up this process into 3 stages.

  1. Begin using check-in system for ages 0-5yrs old – Starts February 2nd.
  2. Begin using check-in system for grades Kinder-5th grade – Date To Be Announced.
  3. Begin using check-in system for Middle School and High School – Date TBA

Now parents, we’re gonna need your help on this! In order for us to really use this check-in system to its potential, it is important that you sign up in our online community! Our online community is was helps us identify who is picking up your child, helps us keep great attendance records and more! Here are two things that you can do to help us bring excellence to our children’s ministry:

  1. If you’ve never signed up for our online community, you can do that by clicking HERE!
  2. Let us know more about your family by filling out our connection form! Please fill out the form by clicking HERE!

Thank you so much for your help in making Forerunner a great environment to raise up a young community of passionate Jesus lovers!




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Jan 27
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