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Create 5K Fundraiser

Hello All!

We live in an amazing country where most people have been given great opportunities for success. However, there are some of us in this world, and even in this country, who aren’t privileged with the same opportunities that we have.

Right now there are orphans in India who don’t have the basic tools to succeed: food, shelter, community support, and a good education. And right now in the community that Faith Outreach Center Intl. is a part of, there are children who are lacking food, community support, and an opportunity (through education) to build their community instead of tearing it down. We’ve decided that we can’t sit on the sidelines while these things are taking place in our local and global community. This summer, we’ve decided to create opportunities for the less fortunate. We’re going to do this in two ways:

  1. We will create opportunities for our local community by educating through our summer arts program called “Create”. Through Create, students will be fed, cared for by a strong community of teachers, and will give back by performing at this year’s Backpack Giveaway.
  2. We will create opportunities for orphans in India by establishing an orphanage. Through this orphanage, these young people will be fed, given shelter, cared for by a strong community of teachers, and educated. This will result in better jobs and a better community.

As you can imagine, all of this costs money. Creating opportunities for the less fortunate doesn’t come cheap. That’s why we have decided to create an opportunity for you the participant to meet this need by participating in our Create 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser which will be held at Woodlawn Park on July 27th from 8am-10am. Our approach is very simple.

  • If every participant approaches 10 family members/friends/coworkers and asks them to sponsor $25 each, we will have raised $250 per person. As you can see, the money could add up very quickly. We need 60 participants in order to fully fund the arts camp, the backpack drive and the orphanage.

We’re excited about this fundraiser! This will be a family day full of activities, live music, prizes (especially for those who have raised the most amount of money), plus…a little bonus fun that we’ll announce later on!

Will you help us create opportunities for the less fortunate this summer? If so, please sign up for our walk/run by clicking HEREThen go tell your closest 10 family members and friends about what your doing to change the lives of youth locally and globally! Thank you so much for your support.

To Donate Directly:
Click the Donate button below. On the next page, select “Forerunner Youth 5K Fundraiser” & fill out all remaining info.


Remember to check back here and over at Freedom Music Group for more updates!

– Jarrell

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