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Create 2K13 UPDATE

Hey All,

Thank you for your prayers and support of this year’s arts camp called “Create 2K13:Life in HD”. As you know, our main aim was to reach out into our community through training students in the arts. We are excited about doing that! However, we ran into a major challenge that would prevent us from being as effective as we felt we could be. Our service managers in the apartment complexes that we partnered with simply didn’t have enough time to get the info to their residents which resulted in low participation.

Because of this situation, we have decided to do a 3-day mini Create camp for those students who signed up. Classes will include music production and dance. We will also be partnering with the same apartment complexes to hold a Create 2K13 camp during winter break!

Registration for our 3-day mini camp is closed. More info and registration forms for our winter camp will be forthcoming.

Thank you all so much for your understand, prayers, and continued support. We’ll be in touch.



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Aug 3
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